eBay- Still A Viable Source for Tech Buying and Selling

    Online shopping is a way, to not only get more for your money, but is savvy for the multi-taskers whom have more stuff to do then hours in the day. With many options out there to point, click, and get it done; Online Auction/ E-Stores are still a go to place when purchasing electronics, gadgets, and replacement items. 

    For start up businesses whom have limited or no budget, eBay can be a great source to get items you need when getting started.  Over time, you can replace, re-list, or reinvest in your initial purchases. With eBay, the customer has multiple options such as paying the price quoted for the items, best offer (name your own price), or letting it go to auction were there may or may not be a reserve minimum, on the object. The company has listing options for sellers such as: new, open box but new, used, and refurbished items. Unlike some other online sites, eBay has a clear colorful layout that

 makes it easy to get details on the listing; if provided by the seller, product feedback/seller reviews from prior purchasers, and a seller's rating that is clearly marked. eBay offers comparisons of the same or similar products from other sellers within the company, as well as, on other online websites not affiliated with eBay. Also, with eBay's return policy, (eBay Money Back Guarantee) customers can be assured that there will be some form of resolution, should a problem occur, on whatever they decided to spend their money on. Utilizing Paypal, (formerly an eBay Company), purchasers can choose to pay via their credit/debt card or use their secure Paypal account. 


    Paypal prides itself on being ultra secure, having Customer Service Representatives who strive to help the customers with whatever the issues or questions they have, as well as offering a "Buy Now, Pay Later" credit program called PayPal Credit. PayPal Credit offers customers 6 months to pay back the dollar amount if they were approved. This can also help startup or restructuring businesses have some leeway to be as professional with their service needs while they build revenue. Other businesses that accept PayPal Credit, such as Reenie.Imaging, get paid immediately for invoices, while the creditee makes payments to PayPal directly. To find out more Click the PayPal Credit Icon Above. 

Technology needs vary in prices from under a dollar to thousands of dollars. Having options is just as important as product research. 

    eBay's Daily Deals, Weekly Events, and Pre-Holiday Sales can come in handy for those who have their hearts set on certain items, but are waiting for them to go on sale. Patron's whom have signed up for an eBay account simply setup bookmarks, saved searches, or can follow suggested categories. When they login, the user can see the best deals, recent, or similar items to make the informed decision. This also cuts down on the hunt and click time when locating items they are searching for. For sellers who want to have a targeted audience, this can work out well if they are limited in revenue, not being able to provide their own stand alone location, or funding to stay open during normal business hours and/or days. For some of the latest Electronic Events and Deals Click the Event Box Below or visit: PC's Under $299 eBay Event

Sellers who want to get rid of items, or make a profit having an online store can reap the benefits of naming their own price for shipping or offering the buyer to pick up the slack. eBay offers the seller to print out the mailing/tracking slip. The seller then can choose to ship via USPS or local shipping service (varies depending on country, and city states), and/or larger logistical entities, such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Both seller and buyer can track these items, which makes it easier if problems occur. Sellers have the freedom to go through third party shipping companies which may save the seller on shipping cost, but may pose a problem for the buyer if, the tracking information is changed and/or has a second tracking number isn't provided in the purchasing notes.  Detailed shipping/tracking information can be found here: eBay Sellers Center-Shipping

    Consumers need to check with there state laws regarding Sales Taxes on items sold/ purchased online, to see if there will be any additional taxation besides what is listed on their screens. eBay differs from other online auction sites because they fight for the right to not have double taxation and regulations. However over the years, US State Governments have stepped in to make double taxation a real issue.  Most of it's patrons are individuals selling and shopping from within their homes or small business, and usually without stand alone facilities whom pack and ship items under the auction sites name. eBay does offer sellers the right to join in a program to have their own store front business if, they would like to operate as direct shipper/packer using the eBay name. However, those type of stand alone companies are few compared to the vast majority of the sellers on the site. 

    So how does this company make any money with the favor seeming to be in the sellers and purchasers hands? eBay allows the sellers to list the items for what they would like, while charging a listing fee per item. This fee varies from percentage to set prices per items. These fees can work out in the sellers favor for individuals or online businesses whom have a lot of inventory they need to move. Dividends are paid to eBay sometimes upon listing and/or upon the purchaser's approved payment. For more information on fees and taxes visit: Seller Information Fee Structure 

    Making informed decisions before selling and spending in any area of business is key to survival. Shopping locally will increase community revenue and support your neighbor, but sometimes with larger retail chains, you may not get more bang for your buck. Yes with online shopping, there is alway the turn around time for delivery. So unless its urgent, waiting a few days for technology products can be critical when trying to get your business off the ground.  In buying/selling electronics, looking for your next gift, or needing to replace something on a budget; eBay's multiple consumer and seller options can offer relief to your wallet while you make money with your investments.

-Reenie.Imaging Management

June 13, 2016

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